Swing under the stars

Lake Tekapo is famous for its night sky, but for one night only, we helped to create a very special looking venue for the local Swing Under The Stars fundraising event. Using simple decorations such as balloons, old music paper and lots of fairy lights, it's easy to turn a basic room into a magical starry night.

An effective way to use helium filled balloons is to create a floral bunch which can either be used as a centrepiece or as an entrance statement.  Blow up one balloon, twist the top and place a peg over the twist.  Blow up a second balloon, pinch it with one hand, and carefully remove the peg from the first balloon with your other hand.  Then tie the two together.  Repeat this again so you have two double balloons.  Then you can either twist or tie these two sets together and you have a bunch.  We used 5 balloons in our table display.  To finish them off just drape curling ribbon over the ties, and allow to hang down.  We also hung abit of coloured ribbon which complimented the curling ribbon.